One of Us

by Chris Ifland

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A collection of songs for worship.


released December 7, 2016

Words and Music: Chris Ifland
(except Lifting Your Name: Chris Ifland and Ben King)
Cover Art : Rebecca M Ifland
Recorded at Studio 104, Kingston WA
Produced by Iflandia MusicWorks



all rights reserved


Iflandia Music Works Seattle, Washington

Iflandia Music Works is a musical collective encouraging music and creativity to draw local communities together.

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Track Name: By Your Love
For my brothers and my sisters
I will seek your face.
And I will run with these redeemed ones
into your grace.
Not for me Lord, but for all the saints,
let me speak and work and pray.
Build your body through your body,
O God, I can hear you say:

"By your love the world will know you are mine,
by your love, by your love;
And in their darkness I will shine
by your love, by your love".

For the lonely and the hurting
we will give today.
For the ones who sit in darkness
we will show your way.
Not for us Lord but for all the lost
let us seek and serve and pray.
Build your kingdom through your kingdom,
O God, we can hear you say:

O Father, let us be a brave community
where all the world can see the love you've given.
With all your people one, let your good will be done,
so all the earth reflects your heav'n.
Track Name: I Will Praise You
I will praise you O Lord my God
for the rest of my life,
the rest of my life.

And I will sing un to You, my King
while I have my being,
I have my being.

And I will magnify Your Name,
praise Your Holy Name;
for great is Your steadfast love to me.
Track Name: Your Grace
Here I am, fallen again,
mid the ruin of man's clever plans
brought to nothing by my very hands.

Your grace will be more than all that conquers me,
Your love will reach further than my heart can flee.

Heal my song from all my wrong;
bridges broken and strings badly tuned,
notes of conflict and lyrics that wound.

Restore my heart, restore my eyes,
restore my passion's call.
Your grace will be enough for me,
Your love will bind them all.

Where to now? Show me how.

I know the answer. I know the answer.
Track Name: Lifting Your Name
You are calling, You are drawing us here.
We are coming, You are bringing us near.
In Your presence hurts heal and fear flees.
In Your presence we fall on our knees.

And we're lifting Your Name higher and higher,
lifting Your Name higher and higher,
lifting Your Name above every other name.

You are calling, You are gathering Your own.
We are coming to Your glorious throne.
In Your presence our joy is complete,
In Your presence we fall at Your feet.

Every tongue shall prove, every knee bow to
the greatest name was ever giv'n
on the earth and in the highest halls of heav'n.

You are calling... We are coming... We are drawing near...
Track Name: The Only Name
The only name that has the power
to light the deepest darkness,
the only name that reaches truth to the depth of my soul,
The only name that is strong enough
to lift our crushing burdens
is the name that makes this broken world whole.

For the Lord will be King over all the earth;
over every tribe, one reign.
There will be only one Lord we will honor in that day
and His Name the only name.

Only one name is given by which we must be saved,
Only one name is proven o'er the power of the grave,
Only one name is worthy for all nations to proclaim.
And the world will sing the only name.
Track Name: The Lord Reigns
The Lord reigns, He is clothed in majesty.
The Lord has clothed Himself in strength.
The world is established, it shall not be moved.
Your throne is established from of old,
You are from everlasting.

The floods have lifted up, O Lord,
the floods have lifted up their voice.
The floods lift up their pounding waves
more than the sound of many waters!

The Lord reigns! The Lord reigns!
Track Name: His Praise Will Go On
With my heart, with all of my heart
I will praise the everlasting God.
and proclaim, loudly proclaim
all His works of majesty and truth.
With all my heart I will sing,
and with all of my being I will bring
praises in this place,
and when am gone
His praise will go on.

Through these days, through all of these days
We will praise the holy one
And declare, boldly declare
All His mercy and His love.
In all our days we will sing;
Through all our years we will bring
Praises from the earth;
And when we are gone
His praise will go on.

When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
Bright shining as the sun,
There’ll be no less days to sing His praise
Than when we first begun;
And His praise will go on.

With all the saints we will sing
With all creation we will bring
Praise from every age, and for ages to come
His praise will go on.
Track Name: To Live is Christ
I hesitate mid heav'n and earth,
Hard pressed between the two.
Needful that for those here I remain;
better to be with You.

Deliver me O God!
Let me stand without shame.
In either life or death
let me bring honor to Your name.

For to me, to live is Christ,
and to die is gain.
To live is Christ,
and to die is gain.

For You have granted that I should believe and also suffer in You;
So grant me courage if here I would stay;
I don't know what I should choose,
Track Name: Face to Face
In a mirror dimly, Lord,
we see You now;
our minds veiled from knowing You
as we are known.
Blindly now we lift our hands
to touch Your shrouded Glory,
but then we'll fall in wonder
as we see You on Your throne!

Face to face, surrounded by Your Glory.
Face to face, we'll see You as You are!
Face to face, we'll sing salvation's story
and we'll worship You, Lord, face to face!

Looking then with longing eyes
that have at last been healed
upon love from all the countless
ages past revealed,
when our shining faces turned to You
reflect Your praise,
and the grateful hearts that yearn for You
will spend their days
Track Name: In Formless Void
In formless void, in timeless deep,
You made a home for us to keep.
And we give You praise, cause of time and space,
for the majesty of this place.

For guile and pride, light's garden lost.
For grace You deigned at ceaseless cost.
And we bless Your Name, Christ the man devine,
for Your truth revealed to the blind.
And we stand amazed, Christ the crucified,
for the love that flowed from Your side.

In vain they sealed Your rended cave;
Death could not hold You in the grave.
And we glorify Christ the risen Lord,
for Your conquest of sin's reward.
And we bow to You, Christ the coming King,
for the pow'r to change everything.
And we worship You, Christ the Holy One,
for Your mercy, though fit for none.
Track Name: One of Us
Long before you walked the land
To seek and save the lost
Long before you stumbled
under our guilt-laden cross
You looked on us who turned away
and you left your home above
to show how strong is mercy's song
and give a name to love

Even as we hated you,
you loved the human race
You gave away all that you had
your praise, your power, your place;
Then you, eternal deity
- Amazing love, how can it be? -
forever put on a human face

There was no seperation
between God and man that day
you breathed life into creatures of dust.
And when we pulled away,
you repaired the breach that day
you left it all to become one of us.

Though stars declare and earth reflects
your power and your fame
Though prophets sing and law reveals
the honor of your name
And though a cloud of witnesses
repeat what we still shun,
At last you spoke your healing word
to us through your own Son.

Well I get why we're doomed to die
and powerless to save,
And it's not odd the power of God
should overcome the grave;
Nor that a perfect life could pay
the price of mankind's fall,
but thoughts won't bend to comprehend
why you'd come to earth at all.

There was no seperation
of the potter and the clay
Long ago and again, in time's great plan
First making man in your image,
and when your work we marred,
taking on, still scarred, the image of man