Out of Control

by Chris Ifland

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Mostly blues/rock/folk songs influenced by music I grew up with in the 60s. Guitar and piano driven, stripped down arrangements, fairly relaxed but still rhythmic. Recorded for friends in my local community, I hope others may find a smile (or a tear) as well.


released December 5, 2014

Recorded at Studio 104, Kingston WA
Produced by Iflandia MusicWorks



all rights reserved


Iflandia Music Works Seattle, Washington

Iflandia Music Works is a musical collective encouraging music and creativity to draw local communities together.

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Track Name: Heaven's Gate
Back in '68 at Heaven's Gate stars predict our peaceful fate
San Francisco was in bloom
In '69 we drank the wine - Eden's garden on the line
Woke up in Aquarius' tomb

We we searching for a better way
We were searching for our lives
We were looking for a place to say
"It is here our savior arrives"

Then in '71 the war'd begun, we found we were the chosen ones
Went out looking for a cross
'72 with all things new, I found my peace in shattered truth:
The enemy was us
Track Name: Out of Control
She was a typical girl in a typical town
She kept her head on her shoulders and her feet on the ground
Then she moved to the front of the boat and she started to rock it

Now she makes her appearance bouncing down the stairs
wearing pink mascara and technicolor hair
She's got those skinny jeans and a cell phone in her pocket

She's got the means to the end and she's playing the role
You'd better watch how you're holding the reins
It's getting out of control

She's up at quarter to 10, she's in the bathroom til noon
She's got the hair dryer whining and just cranking the tunes
Singing all the wrong lyrics and her voice is way off key

Well the tap is still running and the hot water's gone
She's got 17 outfits trying every one on
Baby sister is banging on the door, Hey I gotta pee!

She's going out with her friends and she's gambling her soul
You'd better watch how you're holding the reins
It's getting out of control

Well a teenage daughter is an "E" ticket ride
Praying that she comes out on the other side
You know all you can do some days is survive
and be thankful that she's still alive

She's running out through the door texting OMGs
Everyone's at the park! Dad I need the keys!
I'll get the homework done later and the vacuuming too,
but my friends are so lonely - Dad, what would Jesus do?

She's out late again and it's taking a toll
You'd better watch how you're holding the reins
It's getting out of control
Track Name: Manitoba Skies
Manitoba, your reaching fields draw me on and on
Your skies will see their mark on me long before I'm gone
Then I'll think of you and fondly of the friends and family new
The waves of grace, the rising tide of all that's good and true

And when it's clear both far and near are closer, so it seems
The sky and earth, like death and birth, complete the course of dreams
And though we sow with tears and sighs,
The harvest comes with joyous cries
And so it's planned - life's in the land under Manitoba skies

The grandeur of the sky above draws a lingering gaze
The clouds slide by, the wild geese fly til autumn chills the days
the deepening night bring sound and sight that shakes the human soul
Horizons broad that leave us awed and hopeless of the whole
Track Name: Roll the Stones Away
There's no tomb sealed upon us
That can hold while Jesus is here
For the power that conquered hate and death
is with us - we will not fear

Roll the stones away
Turn the night into the day
We will sing and work and pray
For our God will clear a way
Track Name: Lord Lord
Not everyone who says to me "Lord, Lord"
will enter the Kingdom of Heaven,
but he who does the will of my Father

In that day many will say "Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy?"
In that day many will say "Lord, Lord, did we not cast out demons?"
In that day many will say "Lord, Lord, did we not do mighty works?"
But then I will say "Depart from me"
I never knew you
Track Name: Moving
Packing memories, packing gems - these fossils of our lives
Time invested; love, now tested, laughs and then it cries

Then turning the ship towards unknown waters
And stepping out onto thin air
I don't know where I'll be tomorrow, but I know you'll be there

Burst the cage and turn the page
It's time for moving on
Bridges burning, hearts are yearning
For a lasting home

Take us home, take us home
We are weary and divided, we are lost and undecided
But our feet are somehow guided to the place that we belong

Take us home, take us home
In our story here we trace that we have come this far by grace
And until we end our race it will be our homeward song

Take us home
Track Name: Draw Near
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you

Draw near with a true heart, assured of our faith
Our hearts are clean, with pure water are bathed
Hold fast our confession of hope, do not stray
For He who has promised is faithful always

He is able to save for eternity
those who through Jesus draw near